about us

DB Siggnature comes from the esteemed house of Dilbagh, and is a premium mouthfreshener brand. Getting especially handpicked by the experts, the silver-coated cardamom seeds or beads is our newly launched blend that has been added to the age-old group which started way back in 1943. Being a traditional mouth freshener, this modern type of fusion is a pure incarnation of our family that has added glitter to the whole story.

Here, our parent company lenses add a plethora of tastes that will give a heart-melting taste to the user. A premium pan masala segment focuses on the finest range of taste and quality. After years of research and hard work, the Master blender and R&D teams came up with a secret formula with a combination of many spices & herbs with fine taste and fragrance. They labeled it as Siggnature.

With our ongoing hard work that brings something new all time, we are not limiting ourselves in serving the best to India only but we also harness our channels of production globally. So, it's time to choose something that has been and is the best of its kind.


It all started way back in 1943 with a vision to Produce Great Quality Products with high Quality standards. Since then Dilbagh Group has emerged as the Top Brands in Pan Masala Industry and has become the No. 1 Choice of Indian Consumers. In Last 76 Years The Group came up with many famous products and its how Dilbagh became a household name with which every indian is familiar. Siggnature is the latest Product line from house of dilbagh and is taking the Dilbagh Groups legacy ahead with its high Quality Standards and Fine Taste.


DB Siggnature Pan Masala is made wit Quality at its core. The Quality Standards of dilbagh Group Products were always top-notch and now taken to a different level by DB Siggnature Pan Masala. DB Siggnature has very High Quality Standards starting from quality to Ingredients to Packaging used. All the Products are passed through Different Quality checks. Firstly Automated machines examine the Final Product followed by human Quality Testers to ensure that our customers always get a quality product and this is what makes DB Siggnature the Best Pan Masala amongst its Competition.


At DB Siggnature we ensure quality at every step and when it comes to packaging we are even more quality conscious. All our products and variants have proper packaging which is made with international quality standards and keeping the Eco Friendly Factor In Reference. We always ensure that every product reaches you safe, Fresh and with its Authentic Fragrance and our exclusive packaging Plays a major role in delivering the right product to you in its purest form.


We are a progressive organisation which is always looking to improve our product and providing a better customer experience. In order to do so we have a dedicated R&D Team which is always looking into each and even aspect of our product to make it even better. DB Siggnature & Dilbagh Group has R&D at its core as we always believe “Progress is Impossible without change” hence we are always open for New Ideas and Positive Changes.


To take our legacy to another level by the combination of New Ideas and Experience and to Enhance the Experience of our consumers by providing them Great Quality Products.


To Set a New Benchmark in the Industry by Delivering a Great Blend of Taste and Fragrance and to Spread the aroma of DB Siggnature Throughout the World.