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Welcome to DB Siggnature

Finest Pan Masala

House of Dilbagh Brings the Best Pan Masala for you, Made with HandPicked Spices from the farthest Places in Purest Form to provide you the best Taste and to Freshen Up your Tastebuds. Come Taste the Legacy and taste Of Success.

It's Not Just Pan Masala, Its 70+ Years of Experience of our Master Blenders Of Taste & Flavor.


Product Range

DB Siggnature comes in Different Sizes & Packs to suit your Needs

Try Siggnature

You can order siggnature pan masala Sitting at your home by ordering it online.
Come, Taste the Freshness
of DB Siggnature and
you would know why
we call it the finest.

The Freshness of 30+ Spices & Herbs with Richness
of Over Forty Years of Our Expertise and Experience
would surely make DB Siggnature Your first Choice.

The Taste of Richness and Success Packed

in a Can for you.

Come taste the Freshness and Goddess of DB Siggnature